Welcome to the Hensen Associates Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Hensen Associates’ quarterly newsletter where we’ll take a deep-dive into case studies about HR transformation projects, thought leadership interviews by HR influencers (with a twist!) and other insights from our network of HR leaders.

With ‘marketing noise’ at an all-time high in the HR field, we felt you required a different newsletter. A newsletter which wasn’t simply describing a future utopia around HR transformation, Organisational Design and People Analytics – but to shine a spotlight on what other HR leaders are practically doing today in these areas and the resulting outcomes in their organisations.

Quite simply, we’re looking to deliver a few pearls of wisdom in a world drowning in information. If the HR leaders have been there, done that (or are doing it), we aim to bring you their insights in our deep-dive case studies, thought leadership interviews and resources.

Of course, we’ll also help you keep an eye on what trends other HR leaders believe will have an impact on the future of HR.

Personally, I have had the privilege to support over 140 HR leaders undertaking both large and small, transitional and transformation challenges in their functions for almost 10 years. The pace of change has risen sharply, the landscape became more complex and the organisational demands on HR are almost eye-watering in many cases.

In this kind of environment, true insight and impartiality are valuable tools for HR decision-making. This is exactly why we want to share the how HR leaders are practically tackling their challenges in this newsletter. Being at the sharp end of HR in a world that is changing minute-by-minute isn’t easy, but Hensen Associates’ aim is to enable HR functions to navigate the most difficult of challenges by offering an authentic perspective.

Without further ado, I welcome you this quarterly series and I hope you enjoy the content. If you’d like to get in touch – feel free to email me directly on jordan@hensenassociates.com

With regards,