Digital HR Case Study: Applying the Digital Customer Journey in HR

Digital HR Case Study: Applying the Digital Customer Journey in HR

Wed 11 Jan 2017 | Case Studies

With customers increasingly demanding constant and immediate access to services, many organisations are focusing on providing digital platforms to improve their customer offering. However, some are finding that a failure to lend similar levels of technological support to their People processes has the potential to completely erode the benefits of any Customer Transformation programme.

The Company

One global energy firm recognised the importance of embracing Digital HR when looking to respond to online-centric customer behaviour and modernise the organisation. The deep process and technology improvements they had made served only their customers, with little focus on enabling the workforce to operate in this new environment.

The Issue

The disconnect between external and internal digitalisation was significant; Learning delivery and Compliance training was severely outdated and ineffective, and there was limited awareness amongst employees as to why becoming an agile, customer-centric workforce was crucial to improving the customer journey.

The Solution

These issues were brought to their attention by their Interim HR Change & Innovation Director called Neeta, whose experience of overcoming similar challenges in the banking sector were instrumental during this assignment.

After outlining the gap between the digital customer offering and the People strategy in tangible terms, she discovered that there were specific inefficiencies around completing mandatory training courses, in particular, Annual Data Protection and Health & Safety training.

Neeta’s innovative gamification approach ensured an almost 100% uptake on the tests, with Compliance training now completed in three months to a maximum of 95% accuracy, rather than the nine months it took previously. Moreover, this proof of concept has enabled the organisation to create a rapidly deployable Digital HR roadmap that is fully aligned to their online customer offering.

Working with L&D stakeholders, Neeta led the storyboarding of how to gamify the training materials and identified the essential compliance components required for an employee to complete. After capturing the requirements and building a ‘Game Story’, she worked closely with the L&D Lead to identify a learning provider and technology partner to build the solution.

This resulted in a new Training app which enabled employees to collect badges and achieve high scores visible across the entire employee base, while also tracking percentage completion and restricting email access if not completed within a pre-set timeframe. This promoted a competitive environment while ensuring employees took the task seriously enough to meet the compliance needs.


Within two months, the agile methodology Neeta employed ensured that the prototype app was built to specification and reflected the cultural and organisational context necessary to be familiar for the user. The beta trial for 400 employees received exceptionally positive feedback and almost 100% uptake, enabling him to launch the app as a proper trial to a further 2000 employees within four weeks, and finally roll it out to 4500 employees.

The foundations laid by Neeta in this initial implementation have been instrumental in making Digital HR a reality for this organisation.

  • Design, production and launch of a bespoke and gamified Training app;
  • Timescale of annual Data Protection and Health & Safety training completion, reduced from 9 months to 3 months;
  • Outline 3-5 year strategic roadmap of how to continue digitalisation of HR processes;

“We did a thorough assessment to establish the ‘how’ of our ‘Digital HR’ approach. We took valuable lessons from our Customer transformation, socialised the ideas with the HR leadership and evaluated which HR processes we could tackle. It proved to be an excellent proof of concept for what we could do with ‘Digital HR’ and provided a platform to do more.”


If your business is currently engaged in or considering a HR Digital transformation, Neeta’s ability to link pragmatic, operational realities with People strategy goals could be of great benefit. I’d welcome the opportunity to detail the wider impact of his work during this assignment and how she might support you to achieve the potential of your programme.


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